Sympathy Flowers at NDF New Detroit Floral

During difficult moments in your life when a loved one has past away, it is very comforting for people to send caring gifts. We have fresh flowers that will let people know they are in your thoughts and you wish the best for them. Our sympathy flowers come in various sizes to suit the specific needs.

For example, we have funeral arrangements that can accompany or lay on the coffin. We have a some made for tribute sprays that are held by a stand. The sympathy flowers you would like can come in a basket or lovely vase. For instances, we have orchids that we can deliver at a list of Detroit, MI, funeral homes.

Being there for someone during a hard time can be a simple act of sharing one of our sympathy flowers. For more information about our floral designs, feel free to contact us at
We invite you to visit our official website to shop and purchase a floral design that you find beautiful and appropriate for the occasion.


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